Unleashed Special: Reelin’ & Rollin’ in Tasmania’s High Country | Unleashed TV

54 min Adventure TV-Y

PURE. MAYHEM. Jase & Simon (aka Sir Roll-a-Lot) are heading up a remote track in Tasmania’s High Country and the going is ROUGH! It’s soaking wet and freezing cold, and the terrain is dotted with dangerous boulders and fallen debris that are looking to ruin their day (or worse).This track is not for the faint-hearted – trouble lies around every corner, and not even the camera man is spared. Fortunately the boys thrive in conditions just like these, as they EMBRACE THE CHAOS with a frenetic energy and determination to reach the hidden lake at the top of the mountain.

Rigbuild: 2023 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Series 15 Unleashed Special: F-Truckin’ in the Territory Part 2 Unleashed Special: F-Truckin’ in the Territory Part 1 Unleashed Special: Fishin’ for Trouble Unleashed Special: Jase’s All Time Family Holiday Unleashed Special: Tasmania’s Wild West Part 1 Unleashed Special: Cape York’s Toughest Track Rigbuild: The Birth of Swampy Hilux Build Unleashed Special: Marching to the Beat of the Barra Unleashed Special: Adventures in the Cape Special Unleashed Special: Metre by Metre Unleashed Special: Unleashing the Beast Rigbuild: Adventure 300 Phase 1 Beast mode complete Rigbuild: 79 Back in Black Unleashed Special: Keep the Coast on Your Left Unleashed Special: The Untold Tales of Wujal Wujal Rigbuild: Back in Black Concept to Adventure Unleashed Special: Open Season in the Arafura Swamp Unleashed Special: 48 Hour Adventure The Coral Sea Coast Unleashed Special: Behind-the-Scenes - Escaping Lockdown